the blue jumper – a new phase

i have been awarded a talent development bursary by aspacearts. this is very exciting – no doubt most practising artists can relate to the despondency i was feeling after a particularly long spate of ‘no’s’ that heralded and resonated through the first several months of 2014!


but this was a ‘yes’ (in fact it was 2, as unit11studios have been awarded one, and i am part of that also!)

the full list of diverse, exciting and ambitious projects can be seen here:


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 14.08.09


i will use the money to travel to a carefully selected group of galleries and other institutions, who have a particular interest in participatory art practice, with a view to taking the blue jumper into new spaces (and new contexts?) and enable it to continue its journey – connecting and linking people and ideas through its blue threads.


now, i am not naïve, and i do not anticipate that this will be an easy process, or yield very much in the short term, but i believe in the blue jumper as an important, simple, accessible and strong piece of work, and owe it to myself, and all the knitters, to try and get it out there. my challenges are:

–       to frame the jumper as the serious piece of contemporary fine art i believe it to be

–       to entice curators with a ready formed work by enabling them to bring something to the jumper in order to add to it, although it has so many thematic threads that this should not be too difficult …

–       to resist being pigeon-holed into ‘education and learning’ projects which often house participatory practices

–       to balance opportunity and ideas

–       to think about flexibility in methodology: can I take what I have learnt in generating the blue jumper and use these ideas in generating new work?



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