god’s house tower

‘god’s house tower – a reincarnation’

a still from 'be the walls' digital video and photographs taken by dawn dunlop
a still from ‘be the walls’
digital video and photographs taken by dawn dunlop

the project is moving into its second year, and warming up towards a with timelines changing and morphing around us

for updates and details of how we are progressing, please go to our tumblr blog here

click on knit the walls and 700 women to find out more about these ongoing participatory works

the sparrows and woodlice inhabiting the walls are drawing me in, and the dynamics between the 9 of us working on the project are fluid, challenging, thrilling and generative.

we will be holding a series of events through the summer accompanying and culminating in an exhibition of works and process in september.

see you then.



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this project has been generously funded by

arts council england, southampton solent university and a space arts


events and updates can be found here:     ght-a-reincarnation.tumblr.com


i took delivery of some raw materials the other day ….. click image for video …




we will be setting up a website and will blog the whole project from its start towards the end of march

this image of god’s house tower coincidentally surfaced on facebook today:







‘god’s house tower – a reincarnation’ is both a research and generative art project. it is produced in collaboration with southampton solent university and ‘a space arts’.


7 selected southampton based artists will investigate how group-working methodologies can enrich and inform individual artistic process. each selected artist will create new work during a residency period at god’s house tower as it is transformed into a new arts and heritage venue.


the outcomes of the research will be communicated via an ongoing blog along with being formally presented in academic contexts. the artworks will be exhibited widely via a range of exhibition and satellite events.


open call

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