my videos are on vimeo in an unmanaged state (music videos made for the spiraltones, the southampton ukulele jam, grant sharkey and others interspersed with my own work) – feel free to browse :

sarah filmer on vimeo

or, they form loose associations:

the blue jumper

unravel – the death of my mum become’s a lived experience

six stitches – the conversations knitted into the blue jumper 

the ribbon people

ribbon people – a collaborative sunday

… a question to the developers

beasts and the everyday

i want to make it all ok – how effective is a one sided interaction?

dean – a final farewell to a beautiful friend

mouse – and so, to the earth

coffee with friends – combatting the isolation of lone working

the invitation – high tea, my starling friends?

breaking – a small parental moment

stones – child beasts