blue jumper

the blue jumper


a collaborative art/research/knitting project

i think of knitting as an activity that creates and connects, acting as a metaphor for inclusion, diversity and, in the form of the blue jumper, ‘a community of individuals’, thereby embodying contemporary feminist ideology.

the blue jumper centres around a main body of knitting that is added to by anyone who would like to work on it. the only parameters are that the yarn is blue, and the piece is worked on directly. the knitting can be done individually, or in groups.

as the piece came in to being, with the consent of contributors, i collected video of the knitting itself, those involved, and other related occurrences. knitters were also invited to write a small card about their own connection with, thoughts about, or experiences of knitting.

knitted and video works were generated, and these were developed for my first solo exhibition, the blue jumper has been included in festivals, and participation continues – please contact me if you would like the jumper to visit your knitting group, local cafe or pub, or take part in an event or occasion.

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‘the work loops and laces its way across the gallery space – constantly changing as work is added.  the barrier between work and audience is non-existent as you walk around and through it. it is also performance art of a kind where each participant becomes part of the work and no longer observer but the observed.’

review by maggie bonsey, a-n interface


participation – a route to community, reflecting on the blue jumper


six stitches – a film made from six stitches and accompanying conversational snippets from the knitters of the blue jumper

the blue jumper – a promotional video made in the run up to the exhibition in the bargate monument gallery

emerge – the blue jumper emerges to fill the bargate monument gallery


keep an eye on the blog for updates, thoughts and more pictures


other people have come across the blue jumper and felt moved to write about it :

the blue jumper spent three glorious days installed at ‘unravel’ at farnham maltings, feb 20,21,22 2015 and so many knitters added to it that we topped the 1,100 mark!