the ‘land of snow’ awaits your delectation at mottisfont – it is the outdoors part of ‘the nutcracker’ family trail that traverses this exquisite national trust house and garden. having spent uncountable hours on a laser cutter, and then a glorious week installing the work, it is now generously embraced by the (already perfect!) winter garden.

the snowflakes twinkle and glimmer as you walk amongst them, the snowgeese reflect what is going on in the sky above them (for  brief moment the other day, they were a deep cerulean blue!) and the icicles drip unassumingly from the twisted branches of the hornbeam.

if you are looking for a beautiful day out in north hampshire, particularly with children, the nutcracker trail will fill a good few hours with automata, storytelling, activities, intrigue, and an ambitious collection of original art works commissioned for the event – all in rich indoor and outdoor settings.


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i am wrapping up a summer packed with travelling and discussions, due to my juggling of two (!) talent development bursaries from aspacearts:

an exploration of what it means to be an ‘artist-run space’ with unitllstudios, and further evolution and moving forward of ‘the blue jumper’. some of the outcomes have been unexpected … through extensive discussion and investigation of our own and other artist run groups/space/organisations, i have realised that whilst i have loved the whole process of starting, growing and working as part of ulls, right now, i need a change. there is something to do with resilience, something about my work here being done, and something about pastures new …. so tomorrow, i remove my last couple of items (a desk top and a really old telly box) from ulls and walk away from my baby. we are having tea and cake tomorrow afternoon to mark the occasion. delicious and appropriate.


my own bursary has highlighted the limitations of my agency in my chosen path. my plan was to take the jumper into new galleries in new locations. i was determined that it would hold its own in a fine art context. i can only speculate as to why that is not the case: the easy and demoralising conclusion is that a project centred around inclusion, participation and craft practice is subject to attendant prejudice. i expect the truth is more complex. perhaps one day i will understand. for now, i maintain my belief in the wonderful blue jumper, and i am thrilled to report that it will be exhibited, and of course added to, at unravel, festival of knitting at farnham maltings next february. i was also given some difficult but useful advice (to reflect on the skills that each project develops, and think about how they can be applied in other contexts) and this has led to all sorts of new approaches and results … more to follow



and next? … well, a commission for the winter garden at mofttisfont, a national trust house and garden just outside romsey, hampshire. this is a schematic representation of a flock of snow geese, cut from mirrored acrylic flying through a large oak tree therein.


also, ‘how does the group function?’ a group show, stemming from moving image practices of the 15 artists comprising LUX13 critical forum  opening on friday oct 31st at enclave, deptford. you can find out more about LUX13 critical forum here:


i will be showing ‘the invitation’, a new video work which you could watch here if deptford is a little too far for you to go.




LUX13 Critical Forum Exhibition, Publication and Screenings 2014



LUX13 Critical Forum was formed initially as a monthly discussion group for artists who work with the moving image, to talk about ideas and practice in a mutually supportive environment and in dialogue with LUX. LUX13 comprises 15 artists, working with a range of ideas and themes, within multiple social and cultural contexts.


The artists are: Katriona Beales, Giles Bunch, Jackie Castellano, Sarah Filmer, Katherine Fishman, Patrick Goddard, Liz Helman, Christopher Matthews, Katherine Meynell, Kim L Pace, Samuel Playford-Greenwell, Annelore Schneider (as collectif_fact), Vanessa Scully, Nicola Stephanie, Neasa Terry



ENCLAVE Resolution Way, London SE8 4NT

LUX13 Private view: ‘How Does The Group Function?’ Oct 31st – 6pm

Exhibition: Nov 1-22st (open Wed-Sat 12-6pm)

‘How Does The Group Function?’ is both the title and the area of investigation for LUX13’s group show at Enclave. The exhibition includes many new works and a comprehensive publication that expands on this central, unifying theme.



  • LUX13 Publication Launch and Performance night: Nov 14th, 6-8pm, Enclave

LUX13 have produced a comprehensive publication to accompanying the exhibition that expands on the central, unifying theme of how a group of people work together.

  • Artist day: Nov 15th, 12-6pm, Enclave

Come and meet some of the LUX13 artists involved in the exhibition.



  • November 3rd, 7pm, LUX13, part of Southampton Film Week

Venue: Sonar Cinema, Solent University

More info:

  • November 6th, 6-9pm, LUX13 and Film Material Soup

Venue: Trinity Laban, Creekside, London SE8 3DZ

LUX13 Critical Forum’s contribution consists of 3 minutes films made by each member in response to a phrase or word provided by another person in the group. Subsequently, these films have been screened at Arcadia Missa, London, Millenium, New York. This is the London viewing of a joint screening by LUX13 and Film Material Soup at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester in October.

  • November 21st, 6-9pm, Glasgow and Dublin LUX Critical Forum groups

Venue: Trinity Laban, Creekside, London SE8 3DZ

LUX13 Critical Forum invited the other LUX Critical Forums based in Glasgow & Dublin to repeat the experiment of the 3 minutes films and respond to a phrase or word provided by someone else in the group.


The LUX13 Critical Forum Exhibition and Publication have been made possible by the support of Arts Council England.








my current work includes an endeavour with the working title ‘i will tatt a bespoke jacket for every stone on highcliffe beach’

it is an exercise in futility and perseverance, it asks about the nature of nurture, and questions the reality of one person’s actual strength and power in the face of an impossible task.




accepted on to axisweb

Sarah Filmer's Axis artist profile

just before christmas i applied to join axisweb. it is a membership for which one has to be selected, and as an organisation, they suggest that membership will increase your search engine visibility, offer opportunities, get your work seen by more (and more relevant) people, enabling networking and potential work …. we will see! i am pleased with how many people have visited my page there already – a significant multiple of the average number of visits to this site.

and straight away, my video ‘i want to make it all ok’ is this week’s axis choice, alongside anna keleher’s ‘sniffing out the future’ – an intriguing piece of performance/durational/ongoing work where the artist is attempting to teach her dog to sniff out truffles in order to finance her practice in the future. ingenious and artful and clever and an interesting take on the human animal relationship and metaphorical notions of partnership and exploitation …..

giving a talk at southampton city art gallery

i will be talking at southampton city art gallery on sunday 4th november as part of southampton film week. i will discuss cross disciplinary art practice, using my involvement in the art to dance project as an example of this. i will also discuss my two video pieces: ‘shadow’ and ‘feet’, that were commissioned for the ‘art to dance’ project. this is a free event.




selection for the zap open exhibition 2012

i am very pleased to announce that i have been selected (through an innovative and fair process …. ) for the zap open exhibition 2012. please see the invitation below for details. if you are practising as an artist, or just interested in how artists are adjusting and adapting to the challenges of the current economic and educational climate, i would also recommend that you have a read around zeitgeist art project’s website. annabel tilley and rosalind davis are responding proactively to these challenges with a number of artist-led curatorial, critical and educational initiatives, whilst also maintaining their own practices – i am in awe! and am really looking forward to meeting them in a couple of weeks’ time.


artist, sarah filmer, works individually and collaboratively, with video, photography, dance, knitting and dead animals. she also teaches fine art at solent university, and co-founded unit11studios, an artists’ collective providing studio spaces. sarah is currently working on the ’blue jumper’ – a self-initiated, community knitting project involving hundreds of people knitting onto the same piece, considering community, recovery, connection and inclusion. this piece formed the basis of her first solo exhibition in the bargate monument gallery, southampton, earlier this year – over 2000 people came and experienced the blue jumper, at least 500 of whom knitted onto it!









sarah filmer has been a vet for many years, an unusual dual job with art – a fine art degree as a mature student turned out to be a three year job interview as she now lectures on the same course at solent university.

a gentle revolutionary, working with death, knitting and feminism, sarah filmer uses video, photography and collaborative and community projects to mine the depths of the everyday and reveal the worth in banal, everyday, and domestic experience.

seeing her mum’s donated blue jumper on a sex worker one day, lead first to a video, ‘unravel’, exploring grief and loss, and now to the ’blue jumper’ – a self-initiated community knitting project involving hundreds of people knitting onto the same piece, considering community, recovery, connection and inclusion. do not expect to spend more than 10 minutes with sarah without your own knitting prowess (or desire to learn) coming into question.