a knitting festival – how could I resist? and so went thursday, teasing out the limbs of a tangle of blueness in the the undercroft at farnham maltings: unfurling the blue jumper in all its glory, ready for ‘unravel – a festival of knitting’        i have always loved knitting and its accoutrements …. but those at this festival really love knitting (and crochet, and weaving, and felting, and dying, and spinning, and yarn-stashing).   which meant that there was little of the bemusement that often greets the blue jumper, and more an immediate, visceral, understanding of its […]

the blue jumper at knitsQUAD

derby quad gallery has strategies to engage its local community – a hard nut to crack according to curator, peter bonnell. a number of groups meet regularly in the gallery – the genius use of the moniker : booksQUAD, sewsQUAD, kidsQUAD …   and so it transpired that i spent a refreshing monday afternoon a couple of weeks ago with the regular members of ‘knitsQUAD’, led by hannah herve-petts, and the blue jumper   the jumper performed its magic: these knitters came fresh and unknowing to the jumper – their faces following the familiar route from quizzical, to comprehending to smiling, […]

the blue jumper – a new phase

i have been awarded a talent development bursary by aspacearts. this is very exciting – no doubt most practising artists can relate to the despondency i was feeling after a particularly long spate of ‘no’s’ that heralded and resonated through the first several months of 2014!   but this was a ‘yes’ (in fact it was 2, as unit11studios have been awarded one, and i am part of that also!) the full list of diverse, exciting and ambitious projects can be seen here: http://www.aspacearts.org.uk/projects/talent-development/proj_rd2/#.U7FijhYTKrb     i will use the money to travel to a carefully selected group of galleries and other […]

kosuth’s rhino

have you seen the rhinos in southampton? they are a group of 42 rhinos painted by artists, sponsored by companies from denplan to southampton solent university, placed around southampton city centre. each one brightly coloured and inviting, yet we come close and we are dissuaded from really engaging by a sign. each one is placed on a concrete plinth exclaiming ‘this rhino is a work of art’. suddenly, we mustn’t touch, or climb or physically engage with the beasts, despite their comfy looking backs and their cuddleable countenances. we are conditioned to apply a reverie to these objects because they […]


@troy is everything i want from theatre. specifically sited in space, set in the military pomp of the gurkha museum, and based on the story of trojan women during battle with the greeks over the beautiful helen, @troy is  non-specifically sited in time. the story is ancient, but the issues are timeless, from all time, and painfully relevant to today. with both oblique and direct references throughout to some of the horrors we currently face (drones, governmental guff and bluff, silencing of dissenters, ill-informed decision-making), and with the genius device of cassandra’s visions arriving by mobile telephone, the central military […]


towards the end of last year, my goldfinch photograph was selected for the zeitgeist arts project open exhibition (excitement outlined here: http://sarahfilmer.com/news/)           it transpires that i am a natural ‘zapper’ – if you investigate the philosophy of this organisation, it does not take long to realise that zap founders and drivers, annabel tilley and rosalind davies are fuelled by a compulsion to build relationships at every turn. they exude accessibility, so at the closing event of the exhibition, i found myself tentatively inquiring whether they would consider a trip to southampton and give their ‘a-z of […]

1 day, 41 students, 14 galleries, immeasurable fun

i was lucky enough yesterday to go on the ‘west end gallery trip’ with the fine art students of solent university. it was an amazing day – greg palmer’s itinery ensured that we encountered a diversity of contemporary fine art in a variety of spaces ranging from russian art from the 1980’s to the present, at the enormous, pared-down, magnolia opulence of the saatchi gallery, to a small but exciting judy chicago retrospective in the higgledy space of the tiny riflemaker’s gallery in brewer street.        after a recent controversial review of the mid year show at the […]

books are made

so yesterday, with my heart in my mouth, and with the patient and lateral thinking, solution driven help of ben lower, i drilled the holes in the photos to bind the books. results below:                   

you are not a gadget

i am reading ‘you are not a gadget, by jaron lanier. it is about how the interweb is depersonalising us all and how certain tropes we have adopted in our engagement with it are limiting and faulty, but suit ‘the man’. we also stop questioning many things … like how are creative people supposed to make a living when our content is available for free for anyone? now, i consider myself to be a generous individual, but i am very drawn to the work of a man called ted nelson, who conceived the notion of a ‘hyperlink’ in the 60s. […]

a day in the studio

so to sit here today, all day, making and cutting and sticking and folding and moving and touching, has been a total treat. the reason i have been doing this is the E book show submission date looming next friday – i am submitting a book/ two books/ three books …. as yet undecided. the book(s) will be reconfigurations of some i had printed up a couple of years ago from the photo series ‘now’ and ‘then’ – these are pared down, very handmade versions , and i think they are going to be much more beautiful than the previous versions. […]